Pioneer PD65 pros&cons vs. other players

I wanted to see if people in the audio world have actually compared this player to other, more expensive, players. What were the pros and cons of the pioneer. Why did you choose The other source? What player is significantly better than the PD65 for a little more money?
I've owned a PD65 for about six years. It's a classic! Reliable, great remote and most important great sound, although a touch bright. Recently bot a Wadia 850 because of "Stereophile" recommendations. It was definitely not worth the price difference. PD65 looks better and has a better remote. You don't give up much on sound either.
I owned a PD 65,and own a Denon 1650 cd.My Pioneer began to give me trouble and I replaced it.It definitely sounded more clear and extended from the mid-range to the high ends.The high end extension was definitely superior to the Denon (in my opinion.)The Denon bass however is phenomenal,it is built like a Rolex,AND IT NEVER EVER SKIPS.It can read anything.Don't overlook the PD 59.It is close.By the way,I am considering the Musical Fidelity A3cd to go with my MF A3 amp. Good Luck Tracer