Pioneer PD65 or Wadia 850

Is this logical? I want to buy a great CD player to go direct into my BAT VK60 monoblocks, so I was thinking of buying a Wadia 850. But with the everchanging digital sampling rates I thought, why not buy a great transport and have the ability to upgrade the DAC as necessary. The Pioneer Stable Platter is one of the best transports out there. Wadia and Theta use them. I read a lot of reviews of other high end transports that seem to always have problems. The pioneer doesn't seem to have any, and I can pick one up for less then $500. If this is the way to go, what would be a good DAC with balanced outputs and a digital (or analog) volume control?
I own one and love it. The Denon 1650 AR CD is also massively built.
I have a PD-65. You must be careful with what DAC you pair it with. I am using a Conrad Johnson DA2b and they just don't work well together. I may be interested in selling my pd-65 if your interested let me know-
If you can find it, the Pioneer PD S95 is a really wonderful transport-only. I've been using one for over a dozen years. Build quality beyond reproach and flawless performance.