Pioneer PD-S95 cd transport

Hi all, new around here but seeking some advice. I have a fairly modest setup today with a Audiomat Arpege reference amp & dunlavy cantata full range speakers (and dacmagic / bifrost dacs). I have recently moved and sold my cd player (modded rega planet) / tuner (sansui tx-717) prior and am now looking to buy something new. Intriguingly, I found a Pioneer PD-S95 cd transport for sale which was previously the transport of my dreams. I'm curious if the general community would suggest purchasing this or a different transport for <2k.

I have had one for about 7 years now, and I still love the way it sounds, looks and operates. It is so luxurious. The case is made from individual panels of thick machined aluminum, and there is even a thin layer of rubber gaskets between them for additional damping.
The inside is a work of art, with everything clad in copper. I have never had a moments problem with it, and the clamping system is the best ever. No detail was left to chance with this transport, and if the price is right, I'd say buy it. It's a classic.
What is the askng price? That's a factor for sure, since it's an older piece.
Back in the mid 90's. that transport sold for around 1,200.00 and it has the stable platter transport which is one of the best out there. Couple that with something like a Wyred4Sound dac2dsd and you will have yourself an excellent player/dac combo. I had a Pioneer pd-95s which I bought in 1994. I used it with an inexpensive Audio Alchemey dac at the time and nothing else even came close to the sound. My advice is to keep the transport and get a dac.

The PDS-95 makes for an OK transport, it's dac section is very ordinary, rolled off in the highs because of the Legato Link system (borrowed I believe from early Wadia days they had another name for it) which they didn't take kindly to.
But don't think for one minute that the transport has a lovely machined metal platter, it's not. If you dismantle it, you'll find it's thin alloy coated plastic and the bearings are so so. Still it sounded ok as a transport.
It also has a very complex laser setup procedure (if you ever need a new one) which needs special cd's and test gear and around 20 steps/adjustments to get right.

Cheers George
If you are looking for a transport then find a CEC 51 or 5100 for around $400-$500. So far more musical than the modified Rega Saturn I owned and modified. Just better sounding in direct comparison in every area. Then you have to find a real good dac to show it off.

Happy Listening.
I think we are talking about 2 different things. There was a PD S P5 with a dac, but mine is simply a transport, and there is indeed a machined platter. I had also heard that the casework of this other model was pressed steel, I believe it was something I read on the vintage knob.
After sleeping on it have come to my senses and will not be proceeding. The unit was not pristine and asking price was 80% over the highest documented in the bluebook. I appreciate everyone's feedback.

In the end I just purchased a 6005 marantz for now.

Mrrross, I think you might better off with the 6005. A descent player in its own right and can be use as a transport later if you wish to use a DAC. As a new item you should get several years use from it either way. With players it is usually the transport mechanism or laser which go bad.
I don't understand what you are saying. You show a picture of the PD S95, which is indeed just like mine, but you said yours had a sub par DAC. This model doesn't have a DAC, so I don't see how your's could be the same. It's clearly marked transport.

Yes Roxy it has a dac in it.
The PD-S95 in the linked pics, is not just a transport, as can be seen it has a dac inside with L&R rca's on the back, and this a Legato based dac section which I said is so so to listen to.

Cheers George
I hear you George. Mine doesn't have one. It's a dedicated transport, and it doesn't have a plastic platter. It's all lathe turned aluminum.
Thanks, John
The Legato Link was considered excellent and state of the art for it's time. I had a PD-65 which I used for 15 years. I never had a problem with it and it was always very musical. TAS summed it up by saying "It looks like its worth $10,000.00 and sounds like it's a million." I sold mine for 500.00 years ago and have regretted it ever since.
I agree. I also bought a used PD 65 on the advice of a dealer, and enjoyed it for several years before buying the PD S95 and mating it with an Audio Note DAC. I found it full bodied and colorful as well as balanced.
I thought that the PD 65 was excellent, and so did my friends. I kept it as a backup in my garage, but when I went to use it a couple of years later, 1 channel was out, so I got rid of it. Great player for the money though, and the stable platter was a great idea.