Pioneer PD-D9-J

I'm a budget audiophile who's scoured the landscape for an affordable dedicated 2-channel single disc CDP that can play SACD's. I currently own a Sony SCD C2000ES that I bought when they first came out, and have not had one bit of trouble from it. I want to move away from a carousel player, and multi-channel capabilities build-in, and get a better made unit. I've noted that the Pioneer PD-D9-J CDP seems like it could work out. Any opinions on this player? I realize most of you spend more on individual components than I do on my entire system. Not a jab, just a fact.
great sounding player, well built, has native DSD support... I recommend at least you gave it a listen and judge for yourself.

As to RBCD part I recommend turning off the legato function, the player sounds best without legato and with pure audio function on.