Pioneer PD-65 & Parasound z-dac

Which current cd player, would these two pieces ( as a combo) compare to as far as a current product? Is there such a thing?
Oppo BDP-103/105 perhaps?

My Oppos have been much reliable than my PD-65 (which sounded great in its day). I am happy to hear that yours is still OK.
What model transport does the PD-65 have?
It has one of the higher spec "Stable Table" transports.
Kr: My PD-65 took a dump several years ago and I decided to store it with plans to repair it someday. I am considering getting it fixed, since I recently got the parasound zdac, which i connceted to my oppo93. it's a huge upgrade to the oppo. so i was just wondering if the pioneer would be worth fixing, then mate it with the zdac.
I doubt it.
kal: that's what i was afraid of. it makes a great looking display piece!!!
I loaned my PDR-65, purchased in 1991 or '92, to a friend a few years ago and it is still spinning and playing beautifully. A work of industrial art!

My PD65 works just great in my office system. Decent as a transport. However, I compared several CD/DVD players as transports into my separate DAC and the results are:
1. Pioneer Elite DV79AVI
2. Mark Levinson No. 39
3. Pioneer Elite DV09 Wonderful unit, beautiful and great transport. Built like a tank.
4. Pioneer Elite DV 58
6. McIntosh MS 300 as a transport only
7. Pioneer Elite DV 38

Most people got rid of their Pioneer Elite DVE players in order to upgrade to either HTMI units or Blue Ray players. However, if you want an excellent unit as a transport only, it is very hard to beat the Pioneer Elite units. Especially the BDP 09, DV09 and DV 79AVI as transports only. they are built wonderfully, overbuilt actually and are exceptional as transports. And yes, The DV79AVI did indeed match or beat the Mark Levinson No 39 CD player used solely as a transport. If you can find a decent DAC, such as a Theta DS Pro Gen VA or an Audio Research DAC8, you can find a Pioneer Elite unit listed above relatively inexpensively and you will be extremely happy.

The PD 65 is still a really good unit as a transport only and the units with the wood panels are really nice.
6. Pioneer Elite PD 65 (will keep it. Love the looks)
Sorry, the Pioneer Elite PD 65 is number 8 on the list.
It may be worth it to get the unit fixed. If it turns out that you like something else better, you'll have no problem selling it. Its a very well made transport and the demand is high. I had stable platters in my EAD T1000, Audio Alchemy (Don't remember the model) and my Wadia 830. I always got great sound from those units.
I still have two pioneer stable disk pd65's that I use almost every day and they are still looking and working fine. Also have backup pioneer pd59 stable platter in storage as backup if one dies.....I use them with outboard dacs as transports only and they sound great! really a remarkable well made piece and can be had at reasonable prices on used market.