Pioneer LX500

Has anyone heard or purchased the Pioneer LX 500. I would like to know if it is any good or in  the class of Oppo.
The reviews are all favorable with only Pioneer bettering it in one aspect
(4:4 scaling: jaggies) . You wouldn't notice it unless your were told. That, and since OPPO is long gone....

All the best,
I have an 105 and a 205 but a friend of mine is looking to buy an all in one player. His name is on the Oppo list for the 203 and 205 but who knows if he will ever get one. I read that Oppo will be selling batches until September but I don't know if that is true. I am holding on to both of mine. I figured if the pioneer is as good as the Oppo he would just get one of those.
OPPO shipped out all their remaining stock months ago I am afraid.
Nothing more to come from OPPO.
Pioneer looks ok on paper.