Pioneer F-93 Elite series tuner

I just got this lovely tuner from the early 90's. I'd appreciate any kind of info for better performance and also search for the manual.

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Pioneer F-93 (1991, $900, photo)
Honorable mention. Part of Pioneer's “Elite” series, the fiendishly complicated and very rare F-93 was a highly sensitive digital tuner that was not known for good sound. We are trying to get more information about it. If you've used one, please post in our FMtuners group and tell us about it. The F-93 historically sold for $275-325 on eBay, but three sold for $345, $407 and $216 in 6-9/04.

I have a F-93. I can send you a copy of the manual if you email me your address.
Thought I might add that many tuner aficionados believe with most tuners the first step to improving performance is to install an external antenna. But you already know that!
Thanks everyone, the sound 'till now is very good without any fine tuning. I was thinking for a better power cord and a good antenna.
Consider yourself lucky if you live in an area where FM is still worth listening to. Most places, it's become so corporate, repetative and predictable that tuner performance doesn't matter.
I am the happy owner of this tuner. I have also the chance to own the highly respected tuner Yamaha T-85. I found the sound of the Pioneer better with better reception ability. The bass is better defined and the highs are better controlled and focused. The Yamaha might sound livelier and its sound slightly larger during the first minutes but I prefer the sound of the Pioneer over the Yamaha for long listening session. This tuner is the improved version of the tuner F-91 that has good review from tuner lovers. Information about this tuner can be found in the Pioneer website in the archive section. The tuner is worth investing in a good antenna for improving sound.
It's my personal opinion that this tuner's been ganged up on by a certain pro-unobtanium (Trio, Accuphase, etc.) contingent in the blogosphere. I own a late U.S. production model and I don't hear anything that agrees with anti-Japanese bias that sources to the JA biased early '90's Stereophile review. (If you read the actual review it could only be disaparaged if compared to a direct CD feed, which I think is problematic in and of itself....) Listen first, and make up your own mind. It's the best non-analog (Pioneer 9500 II, 9800, etc.) I've used.
Do you still have a copy of the Elite F-93 owner's manual?

Recently obtained a Pioneer Elite F-93, but no Manual, could you send me one to
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Can anyone send me a copy of the manual? Appreciate it!