Pioneer Elite PD 65 or Cal Audio Icon MkII ??

I am disgusted with the latest generation of sub $1k cd players.Which of these do you like? Anyone compared them side by side?
I have not compared these two side by side, but I've logged a lot of hours on the CAL and found it to be a very listenable CD player. Mine was an original Icon which was sent back to CAL for the mk II upgrade. It did not have the powerboss but it was the best sounding player I had until I bought a CD player costing over three times what your talking about in you question.
I tend to prefer the sound of vinyl but the Icon mk II was much better than what I'd heard up to that point. I have a hard time believing the Pioneer would be in the same league. Based on what I've seen the CAL selling for used on AudiogoN I would consider them a steal. I paid lots more for mine and still thought it was a good deal. I've considered buying a used Icon for my system at work.
I also have the Icon MkII, and it's most excellent. Very clear, excellent imaging, but never bright. I got mine on Audiogon for $275, which was a real steal. If you find one for less than $400, I'd jump at it.

I have not compared the Cal to the Pioneer.
I used to own a pd-65 and have heard the CAL in the same system. It was about 5 years ago but I remember prefering the CAL and being jealous of my friend who owned it
This is a pretty old query by now, but I listened side by side to both player for a couple of days, and bought the pd 65, though with considerable misgivings; after two more days I returned it for the CAL, and have had no regrets (I still have it). Both were great, but the CAL had more detail, was more exciting and involving to listen to in my system (tube amp/pre). With the 65 I found myself daydreaming from time to time rather than listening; with the CAL I was riveted. My brother has adcom ss amp/pre, and the pd 65 sounded really good in his system (still does), very smooth and warm; I got it for him as a wedding present. On pure looks the pd65 wins hands down; the CAL is just plain ugly.