Pioneer elite i.Link

I am having no luck connecting VSX-74TXVi to DV-59AVi using firewire/iLink.

The DVD player does not illuminate its iLink. The receiver is not able to detect any devices connected. I followed instructions in both manuals.

The guy I talked with at Pioneer was neither knowledgeable nor helpful (no troubleshooting, receiver is broken. take it for service).

Any ideas on how to get these to talk to each other ?

Does anyone have either of these and has used it with the ilink interface ?

I didn't realize this was active.

This was a cable issue. A longer, Sony cable solved the problem.

In other news, both DV-59AVi and the yamaha dvd 2500 talk to sony 7100es and VSX-74TXVi via firewire for CD, DVDA, SACD. The sound quality is excellent.