Pioneer Elite DVC 36 DVD versus DV 37?

Anyone know the differences in thses two models as far as audio and video performance?
Any other suggestions in the 400-500$ range for progressive scan DVD player (new or used) that has good audio, as well as decent video? Thanks for your input.
I believe that the DVC36 does not have 3-2 pull down and I know for a fact that the DV37 does.
Ok, now I am going to sound really stupid, but what is 3-2 pull down? I am assuming it is some kind of ratio for screen size. I will be using S-video for now on a Toshiba 30 inch, but will move up to a better TV in near future so I wnat progressive scan capability. Is 3-2 pull down important? Thanks for your response.
Yes, 3-2 pulldown is important. As I understand it, a DVD player that has this feature most accurately recreates a film-like progressive image.
3-2 pulldown is the conversion of film to TV. Film is shot with 24 frames per seconds where TV is 30. The reason it is called 3-2 pulldown is because the player will take 3 frames of film and convert it to three frames of tv, then 2 frames of film and generates the third frame. The trick is how it generates the third frame. Now if you do the math, all the 3-2 conversion all add up to 30FPS. Get yourself the new Pioneer Elite literature, it has a nice explaination and illustration on 3-2 pulldown. Of course 3-2 pulldown conversion will only be done on film based DVD's. Those DVD's will have a flag built into them to trigger in the DVD players. Sorry I can't quite remeber if it is only in the interlaced domain or both interlaced and progressive.
I have that Pioneer literature. The way I understood it was that the NTSC standard is to break up each film frame into 3 and then 2 interlaced images. A player with true 3-2 pulldown capability will accurately replicate each film frame from the NTSC encoded disc. I could be wrong, but that's what I read.