pioneer elite DV09 or DV47ai

I'm trying to get new dvd player mainly for movie.Shall I get used pioneer elite dv09 or new dv47ai.Or if you guys have any suggestion what dvd player I should get for around $500 .Thank you.
DV-09- excellent on video, and for the used prices they are going for now, a bargain IMO.
Prices on used DVD players (as well as pre/pros) fall very drastically as new technology is introduced. Although the DV47 is a very nice player (I've got one), I'd definitely opt for a used one to save a lot of money. I think I saw a DV09 last year when I bought the 47, and it was almost as good visually. (The one I saw was definitely an earlier Pioneer Elite, and I think it was an '09.)
I just got a Pioneer Elite DV37 for $159 from I believe that it is the successor model to the DV09 (I might be wrong). The picture quality is quite good. It is refurbished, but I have had no problems with it and PCMall seems to be a reliable internet seller. They also sell the DV47a and 47ai for under $500.

Pioneer - DV-09
Theata Digtal - David
Faroudja - DV 1000

They are all fine products, and you can find it cheap in Audiogon.
Had the DV-09 and own the DV-S733A, the Japanese version of DV-47A (not DV-47Ai). The latter is a better DVD player in the video area (more details and adjustments available).
Besides Pioneer line of players, for under $500.00 you should consider Philips Q50AT (under 300.00) or Philips 963 (under 400.00).They both are great DVD players for the money.
You should also consider the Pioneer Elite 38A.
It's a great DVD player, on Audiogon for around $500.
Both hve the Chroma Upsampling Error. Get a Panasonic or Denon to avoid this problem.
I use the Pioneer 5 disk dvc36 and am super happy with its component video output ability into my projector
I have a DV-47a. Do any of you other owners have problems when the DVD switches layers? I have a good 1-2 second delay in the middle of every movie. In this regard, it is the worst DVD player I've ever owned. I am pleased with it in all other aspects though.
Ok, most important: Do you have or plan to get a HD tv set? If yes; don't get the 09. It is an older interlaced player;works well with older sets but not newer HD sets.

I too have had problems with the layer change well as some difficulty with jumps in CD playback. Luckily, I had my unit modified by Dan Wright to improve SACD playback..and I'm using it as an SACD player only.

The Chroma upsampling error really bugs me, so I moved to a Denon 2900 for DVDs