Pioneer Elite DV-79avi -- Rotel cd14 -- Rotel Rcd-1572

currently using the pioneer dv-79avi for cd player.

i like it, its clear without any annoying harshness.

would i gain anything with buying the either 2 Rotel models????????

honesty and knowledge is a plus, if you have experience with  these.

Been through 5 CD players in the past 10-11 months, m and NEED RELIABILITY foremost !!!!!!!

i have the hotel dvd 1040, excels at dvd, audio is poor.  

heard the new hotel rcd1572 is an amazing beast, but would i gain any more for the 300$ difference between the cd14 model to the rcd 1572 new one?  I'm thinking "its new" bugs not worked out yet........ thoughts please

You wrote you have the hotel dvd 1040 and heard the new hotel rcd1572 is better, do you mean rotel?
Hey look at the Tascam CD-200. It’s new, its a professional CD player and it is $250 on amazon. If you can connect an external DAC thats a bonus. That looks like a great bargain transport.
i have looked at it. I don't have my permission slip signed to make an unauthorized audio purchase :)

DAC's are out of my budget anyway. just need a reliable great sounding player. 

I may be stuck with the dv-79avi for a while...........

The Pioneer Elite DV-79avi is a very nice CD player.  The internal DACS are very nice indeed.

This would make a very nice CD player and transport later if you acquire a separate DAC.

I would also recommend the BD-O9 as both a CD player and as a transport.

Built like a tank (pioneer elite overbuilt their elite units).

I've compared the units as separate Transports and also as CD players vs. transport/DAC combinations and I have to tell you that they are quite nice. 

DV-09 (great transport), BD-O9 (definitely recommended as transport and CD player), DV-79AVi (very nice CD player).

you would be very hard pressed to beat these for anything under $2,000. 



 Thank you,  I am happy that someone is mentioning good words about something I am using, usually I get, its ok, needs a better...? etc etc.

So far so good. The dv79 was used, and is old, a few small scuffs/light scratches the top of the unit. But as far as playback, so far so good............ thanks for the uplifting words.

If you are in a position to home audition a cd player to compare to the Pioneer Elite- go for it!

Otherwise, stick w/ the Elite. I use its predecessor the DV-59AVi which has the better video processor for DVD. The 79AVi has the better Audio processor.
Happy Listening!