Pioneer Elite DV-05 Help

I just recently purchased a refurbished DV-05 from my local dealer for $300! Brought it home and I was very impressed playing DVDs on it. I love the remote, the menu, etc. BUT the problem I'm having is getting it to recognize CD's. I'll put the CD in and it will spin (but won't play) and then the player will open the drawer up. This happens after playing a DVD and right after I turned it on. It doesn't happen all the time but its random. I've tried different CDs and I tried some CD-Rs (it recognizes those imediately). When I can get a CD to play it sounds great. Also, I would take it back and get another but obviously at that price they didn't last very long. Has any one else had this problem??? Do I just have something set up wrong? Thanks Matt Skeen
I had a similar problem with a Panasonic DVD player. It needed a new laser lens. Have it checked out at an authorized service center. Good luck.
You might want to try playing CD's without the remote. It may be that you have a defective remote. When you put the CD in the player, sometimes, the 05 does not automatically play the disc, rather simply spin the CD, read it, and then officially "recognize" the disc as a CD. Do not use the remote--simply press play from the unit's faceplate. Check the remote by using fresh batteries. I hope this helps.