Pioneer Elite Air Studio question

Is there a difference in sound signature between a Pioneer SC-61 (with no Air Studio certification) and another SC (like the SC-55) with the Air Studio certification?
Thank you.
Try asking PIONEER.

My opinion is that there is probably no difference or minimal at best and possibly any differences could come from other internal components not related to the "Air Studio" software.

Updates and parts selection can change without notice to the end user.
Every component has an audio engineer fine tuning it. A lot of this is just for marketing. If they can get a premier studio to fine tune it, it hopefully sells better...and sounds better. No different than Ken Ishikawa tuning Marantz gear.

I own the Pioneer SC-57, and it is absolutely wonderful. I don't think you can go wrong, as long as you get one that uses the D3 amps, and not the B&O amps of the previous generations. They sort of fell apart with low impedance speakers on the B&O amps. My Mirage OMD-28s drop to 3.5ohm, and the Pioneer sounds just lovely. Never skips a beat.