Pioneer Elite A-35r and Magnepan MMG's

Just got a Pioneer Elite A-35r integrated amp. It is rated for 65w at 4 ohms. My room is 12 x 15 and am wondering whether or not MMG's will handle this amp's output. I'm considering PSB and Paradigms also, but would like the Magnepans if they would work.
This is from the Magnapan website....

How much power do I need?

We are asked this question every day. But, individual tastes vary so greatly that a definitive answer is impossible. We are using a 35 watt receiver in the lobby to our factory. Therefore, can we honestly say that 35 watts is all you need? For each increase of 3 db, the power must be doubled. So, 70 watts, 140 watts, 280 watts, etc. will progressively result in 3 db increases over the receiver we are using in our lobby. Personal tastes are "all over the map". We hear of customers that are perfectly happy with 25 watts and others using 1000 watts.(And there is no lack of opinions about power in chat rooms on the internet.) Without the option of listening with you, we have no way to give meaningful advice. The most reliable way to answer this question for your particular needs is by visiting a dealer. If you listen to your music at your normal volume, in a room that is approximately the same size as your room, with an amplifier similar to what you plan to use, an accurate power requirement can be determined for your listening habits. The amplifier used in this test should have a similar 4 ohm rating as the amplifier you plan to use at home, but it is not necessary for it to be identical to your amplifier. Anyone that has a definite answer to this question (without having met you) is probably telling you their personal preference.
65W/channel will probably be on the low side for the Maggies in your size room. If you hear distorted sound then you are probably overdriving the receiver, not the speakers (which could do harm to both the receiver and/or the speakers). In this case moving to a more powerful amplifier (with twice the power) or 3dB more sensitive speakers would likely correct the problem. But keep in mind that if you have a hard floor surface and hard walls that room reflections can cause a harsh or distorted sound as well.
i used a pair of mmg's for 12 years; they'll take all the clean power you can hand them. 65w will be enough in that size room... just don't get carried away with the volume control.
This amp will work at low/moderate volumn but will not do justice to the capabilities of the Maggies. I really don't think that your amp is for the MMG's. IMO.
I've never met a maggie that didn't want more power...
Also, 65 watts at 4 ohms isn't much. Personally I'd want something rated 4 times that-100 watts at 8 ohms is easy to find and usually is 200 at 4 ohms.
Like mentioned above,don't get carried away with the volume control.Its easier to blow speakers with a under powered amplifier than a high power amp in most cases.If you go with a low powered amp,I agree about being careful with the volume control.♫
These estimates are low even for the MMG, the Pioneer would be hard pressed to drive the MMG to any type of reasonable sound.

I would suggest a NAD 218 amp if you can find one. Not expensive, and tons of headroom. I drove some 1.6's with that amp when I first got them and it did an excellent job.
Thank you all for your answers. That confirmed what I thought but you don't know until you ask. I think I will stick with the PSB and Paradigm.
From the Magnapan website....

Anyone that has a definite answer to this question (without having met you) is probably telling you their personal preference.

That said, I have seen many a Magnepan demo at electronic shows, and they always use MASSIVE power amps. Krell, Pass Labs, high powered ARC gear, and as of the last few years, all Bryston gear. Their CES demo of the mini Maggies system this year was driven by Bryston 28Bsst's. 2000 w into 4ohms.

I think the quote from above is a self serving Magnepan attempt to not scare people away from them.
Nosebleed loudness? No? Than try the Pioneer. Magnepan has a 30-day in home still, right?
I wouldn't be worried about sheer power, but the Quality of the power.

Even the MMGs ruthlessly show poor or marginal upstream equipment. I'd be more concerned with source equipment. If given the choice between 100watts and a good CD player OR a mondo amp and a universal player or some nutty CD changer, I'd go for the better amp and source in a metric heartbeat.

The lobby in White Bear Lake is supposed to have some low power receiver in use. The Bryston et. al. are reserved for shows where people EXPECT to see such stuff.

And, from out FWIW department, Magnepans are a DIY dream speaker. ReFrames, new crossovers, stands, reverse the panels are all on the table and have fans.

The 2nd link is a real passionate nut who makes Maggies into things of unique beauty.

Above all, have fun.
no way is it enough power for maggies. i had a a35r and i think is good for the money ($200) but is very weak in general

btw, the a35r is 45w/ch, not 65.. dunno where you got that from
I would worry less about power and more about bass response depending on your musical needs...mmgs have limited response especially in a room 12 x 15...however if your primer choices are vocals,acoustic guitar,etc they would be perform fine...however...with any bass driven music like rock,reggae, electronica,etc,,,they will struggle...could add a sub....but at this price range...might be best to go with a driver speaker that can produce some LF...happy xmas
It is 45w @ 8ohms and 65w @ 4 ohms. In the specs.
It isn't enough, and it doesn't have much to do with how loud - it's about transient dynamic peaks, which have a lot to do with timbral differentiation among other things. I highly recommend the MMGs but they require amplification upgrades up the chain.
Thanks for your input. I thought as much but wanted some other folks thoughts and I appreciate that!