pioneer elite 92txh set up help?

i just got new speakers and my set up microphone will not work... my fault. so i need to set up my speakers without the Mic... just to get it working while i wait for a new Mic.... anyone can help?
i have
b& w 804s fronts, html4s center, old powered sub, cdm1 rears.
I have the 94TXH....this is very difficult to do since the tones will be going off and its hard for our ears to adjust. You need to sit in the "sweet spot" and run the manual takes about 15mins...there is a generic setup already on the system. It would be best if you could wait for the mic...look and follow your manual page 39 and beyond...
i guess i will order the Mic today.... then for set up after the auto set up should i keep the front speakers to small and then adjust the frequency response for the floor standers to get more range out of them? what about if i use 703's for the rears? or are floor standers for the rear over kill for surround?