Pioneer DVDP-7200 vs. DVDP-7400

I made the mistake of purchasing the 7200 Model and was wondering what to use as for a Cable hookup.

I am using a Meridian 565 DSP\Preamp and it has an Optical Input and RCA Audio Inputs also.

I wish the Pioneer had an Optical Output but does not.

My Question is do I just purchase an COAX Cable to connect between the PCM Digital Output on the Pioneer and connect it to the Meridian 565 PCM Digital Input in order to CD Playback. The Pioneer aso has RCA Inouts and wonder if I should use them for Hookup between the 2 units.

Forgive me ,but I am just putting this new system together and am having a hardtime getting components sent to me like COAX Cables,RCA Cables,speakers and Silver Audio Cables I use to make.

BTW what is the major Diff between the 7400 and 7200 as all I see are more Input capablitiy ,but nothing truly helping with 2channel Audio which is all t am Aiming for,good 2 ch. playback.