Pioneer DVD-45a as a transport?

Hello All,
I need some advice on a DVD-A player. I want to try the DVD-A format and this pioneer player seems to do it all for a good price. My question is can this unit be used as a 2 channel transport? Can I just run the coax to my dac like my cd transport? will this work? or do I need to hook it to a preamp? Please help before I buy one. Thanks
I have until recently used a Pioneer DV45A.

Unless the disc producer has disallowed it (and I have not seen this) the DVD player will do a realtime downmix to 2-channel, and will output digital data , coax and optical, but the sample rate will be cut down to 48KHz (to make copyright people happy). For SACD there is no digital output.

The DV45A contains good 24-bit 96KHz D/A converters, and depending on the outboard D/A you have, the Pioneer analog signals might be better. (Take a listen before you write them off).