Pioneer DV47a

I am considering buying this player vs a higher-end, less versitile player like the Arcam DV88. My feeling is that I will enjoy the multiple format options (SACD and DVD-A) more than I would enjoy the improvement I would get on Redbook CD and video a higher-end player might have.
(I know the Arcam can be upgraded to DVD-A but it would be almost double the price of the Pioneer and would still not have SACD.)

Does anyone who has this Pioneer player feel it is not fairly decent at regular CD as well as SACD and DVD-A.
It depends on the rest of your system, and what you're used to hearing. I have a DV47a for SACD and DVD-A, and can say that I am only too happy to shut it off and get back to my normal front end (Spectral), which is orders of magnitude more refined, neutral, tight, and capable than the Pioneer. CD playback with the Pioneer falls in the same category. Mass market gear doesn't cut it with very high end (and revealing) equipment. I am waiting for the first serious high end universal player to come along, and the Pioneer is just a stopgap until then.
Dan Wright is providing mods for this unit that will probably vastly improve the quality of all the formats so that you can have exceptional universal playback in one unit.
See Ozfly's comments on mods in the current thread called 'Several routes to take to digital heaven'.
A mod would be great but I'm interested in out-of-the-box performance initially. I doubt I will do a mod at first.
On the AA hi-rez site, someone has commented that Pioneer is coming out with a new version of this player in the fall, the DV47AI, which has 1394 outputs for both dsd and dvd-a, and 1394 inputs in the corresponding receiver. This is seriously good news and would be far preferable to the DV47a, since it makes it possible to export the hi-rez signals to a digital processor, with all the options to have better converters and much better algorithms for bass management etc.