Pioneer dv414..upsamples to 24/96???

Is the analog output a result of internal upsampling to 24/96 on the Pioneer dv414??? Thanks in advance! Ricky
NO! That process is done by certian out board DAC's that have the Burr Brown chip installed in them. No budget dvd player does this.
Im curious because the Pioneer dv414 has a 24/96 dac. I understand that it will pass a 96khz signal via its digital outputs if it is detected, otherwise, it passes 16/44 (or 48). May it be that the internal dac only converts to 24/96 if the source disk is formatted that way, otherwise, out comes 24/44(48)?
No it doesn't, even the MPEG audio bitstream is down sampling before sending to the standard audio DAC. Only the digital output is 24/96 because of the DVD specifications. You'll need external DAC with the 24/96 capability to get the hifi analog output.