Pioneer DV37 far better then the DV05?

Has anyone had experience playing the Pioneer DV37 not in progresive mode.Does it display noticably better video then the DV05 in the non-progressive mode? Thanks
Hi DVD, You sure asked me the right question. I owned the DV-05 and now own the DV-37. The DV-05 was an excellent player. Previously I had the Sony DVP-7700. It was also a superb machine, but I wanted the best video possible and found that the DV-05 was more involving than the 7700 (like film), so I sold the 7700 and bought the DV-05. It was superior to the 7700 in both audio and video aspects, but not ergonomically. Don't get me wrong, I could have stayed with the 7700 quite happily, it was that good, but the DV-05 was better. Anyway, back to the DV-37. The first thing you will notice is not video, but how amazing the audio is. I am waiting to see if the SACD/DVD-A formats take hold, and for software to be readily available. Therefore, I didn't want to invest in a high end CD player. When I plugged in the DV-37 I was knocked out by its sound quality. It is on par with $2000 CD players I have heard. Perhaps it has something to do with the separation of power, audio and video in its construction. It is also seems to be more solidly built than the DV-05. As for your question, here goes: I have the Toshiba 40F80 widescreen PTV (non-progressive). I used to simply click the DV-05 one step up in detail, and that was it. I like it as sharp as possible without any sign of enhancement, and the DV-05 did it. When I first set up the DV-37, I was a bit dissapointed, it seemed to have everything and more that the DV-05 had except that faces seemed a bit "pasty", lacking detail. I like to see the lines in someones face. I asked for a little advice, and began adjusting the 15 various aspects that the 37 has for adjusting the video, and finally got the detail that I was looking for, but it was not that easy. Pioneer would do well to elaborate on exactly what each parameter does, with diagrams. I am sure that with an ISF calibration it will be amazing, but it takes a little patience when setting it up yourself. It is a good thing that the DV-37 has more control than the DV-05, giving you a chance to get the most out of the DVD format, but it does take a bit more fussing to get it.I have been inspired by the efforts many Audiogon members take to get things right, (Carl, Albert, Redkiwi) to name just a few and recommend that you go for the DV-37. You may need progressive scan somewhere down the road anyway. now try a bit harder to get things right.
One thing I forgot, the DV-05 had a problem when you started a CD or jumped tracks. It skipped the first half second of the track. This made it feel uncomfortable every time you started a CD, and was one of the most annoying things to "live with". I have heard of this problem on a few high end CD players as well, and think that it is ridiculous for manufacturers to allow this.