Pioneer DV-AX10

Hello, have a question for ya'll...

Anybody know where I can have a Pioneer DV-AX10 repaired?

Such a beautiful unit that I'm really bumming about not being able to have this repaired.
It's still at the shop I sent it to... trying to decide what to do next.
I have contacted the shop and asked for the DV-AX10 be shipped back to me.

It is a shame that a top tier electronics company cannot support those who made them millions without charging huge sums of money to repair their previous models.  Which were very very good IMO.

Absolutely! Or worse, not stocking OEM parts for repair.

Happy Listening!
I believe or read somewhere that Esoteric and Ayre keep 15-20% of whatever they sold in spare parts so that they can service the ones that unfortunately experience failure. Mostly drives, laser assemblies and power supplies. Maybe a few main boards as well.