Pioneer DV-AX10

Hello, have a question for ya'll...

Anybody know where I can have a Pioneer DV-AX10 repaired?

Such a beautiful unit that I'm really bumming about not being able to have this repaired.
What does Pioneer say? 1 800 421 1404?

I hope that you find an authorized Pioneer repair center.
Keep me posted- the DV-AX10 is a very fine player.

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United Radio - 800.634.8606 - Syracuse NY
Thanks ya'll.
Pioneer says they do not service that unit, was my first contact.

Thanks jafant.
Will be contacting them and will report back...

My pleasure. Looking forward in reading your progress.

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What issue are you having? I have repaired three myself. Maybe able to offer some assistance 🤔
Are you technically inclined?
Can you repair any Pioneer / Pioneer Elite spinner?
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As with most repairs on older equipment it depends on the issue and parts availability or technical know how. I was a huge fan of Pioneer Elite had a few of there TV's ($4-6k) and several DVD /SACD players, DV 45?, 47AVI, and 59AVI. Also some Sony ES. I still is a Sony ES 9100 and have had the "No Disc" and  "Cannot Read disc" errors.  Drawer hang-up...etc. Typically, at least for me they were easy fixes and only required minor adjustments inside the unit. I am NOT a repair tech. (ex DoD, and Financial Advisor Principal/CEO.
The DV-AX10 would play all discs except CD’s. On CD’s it says cannot read.
The repair place says it’s not the laser, it’s a software issue.
Pioneer says no available parts or repair is supported.
If this ends up being the case, unable to repair, it would be a shame.
What a fantastic player this has been.
Where are you located? Are you okay with removing the top and messing around a little? I am in SW Ohio btw. 

Thank You for the follow up. I own a 59AVi and was thinking about picking up a Elite BDP-09 for my collection. My query was directed towards the BDP-09 and future repair/service.

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an Elite BDP-09: corrected.
It's still at the shop I sent it to... trying to decide what to do next.
I have contacted the shop and asked for the DV-AX10 be shipped back to me.

It is a shame that a top tier electronics company cannot support those who made them millions without charging huge sums of money to repair their previous models.  Which were very very good IMO.

Absolutely! Or worse, not stocking OEM parts for repair.

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I believe or read somewhere that Esoteric and Ayre keep 15-20% of whatever they sold in spare parts so that they can service the ones that unfortunately experience failure. Mostly drives, laser assemblies and power supplies. Maybe a few main boards as well. 
Hey Tom,

Not bad with the mechanical part of being technical. However, I’m not a troubleshooter more like a parts repairer/replacer.

What have you done to repair DV-AX10’s?

Always willing to try...