Pioneer DV-47ai vs Denon DVD-2900 Universal

Which is sonically superior with each format [dvd-video, dvd-audio, sacd, and cds], the Pioneer Elite DV-47ai universal player, or the Denon DVD-2900 universal, and in what ways?
I just replaced a Pioneer DV45A player with the Denon DVD2900. With regard to audio quality, the 45A and the 47A share the same electronics, and probably sound about the same. (The 47AI has better video, and some other bells and whistles, for about twice the price).

With the Denon I recognize improvement with SACD playback, but little or no change for other discs. The Dennon is a lot bigger, and is less convenient to use in some regards, but does have a couple of "bells and whistles" features that are nice. In terms of value, bang for the buck, the Pioneer 45A wins hands down. I am fortunate to have a few extra bucks to squander.
I can't agree with Eldartford. I sold a Pioneer 47a (not 47ai) and replaced it with a Denon dv2900. The sound quality of the Denon is substantially better across the board, and especially in SACD where the Pioneer was poor. I haven't heard the 47ai, but its reputation is better than that of the 47a. You should do some searching on Audio Asylum and, where these players have been extensively discussed.