Pioneer DV-47ai and jitter

Is it a decent transport? Im not talking earthshaking, but not music destroying either. Im still on my way to the Electrocompaniet (long word) ECD1 DAC, but will teaming it to the Pioneer kill the benefits? It it isnt such a bad thing, would the coax or toslink offer me a better result?

(mines actually the DV-S755ai, same beast different clothes)

Anyone with one of these as a transport?
I actually had this 47ai. By this time I had had the Pioneer 09,then a Sony 7700. My conclusion is there's a lot of tech. in these boxes---but not much in the way cd reproduction. You want better sound?/ a dac will help. BUT said dac will sound better with a ded. cd player.
I use the DV-47's little brother the DV-45 as a transport. With some power supply mods,better parts in the digital output circuit, chassis and drive damping it performs very well off the SPDIF coax.

Suggest you contact, they're very familar with the Pioneer products.
Kana, I too have a dv45a being used as a transport. Can you tell me what mods you've done to it, if you did any personally? BTW, i am pretty happy with it as a transport. It makes a better transport than my cal icon mkII with my dac (monarchy m22c + dip upsampler), IMHO.
Gitarretyp- yes, I did the mods myself. They require good
soldering skills and mechanical skills to take the thing
a part. I purchased the factory service manual before
went down this path. If you feel you've got skills, contact me direct, otherwise Dan at Modwright is your guy.
Gitarretyp and Kana:
I have a Dv47a that was extensively modified by Dan Wright including the addition of bybee devices to all 5 channels. I use it exclusively for SACD since I have a different transport for CD.....but I recently ran it through the paces as a CD transport and it sounded pretty darn good. If high end video is important to you, you'd be better off with a player without the chroma bug problem.

Kana: Do I know you from the TacT group??


Yes. There have been no signs of the chroma bug in my DV-45a. The DV-45a has a switch to shut off the video section.
It's never missed a beat on any type of disk.

My mods are basicly the same as Dan's transport mods, with the addition of drive/chassis damping, ERS and more filtering on the 5v rail.


Without meaning to hijack this thread, I'd like to ask whether anyone has had Electronic Visionary Systems (EVS) perform modifications on a DV45/47A/47Ai???
In the attached link, they charge 3-4X what Dan Wright charges but they do list their list of mods.

Can anyone share their experience w/ the EVS mod on a Pioneer?
I'm thinking of a modified DV47A & thought that Modwright was the place to go. Then discovered this EVS place where the mods seem to be more extensive (& hence have a potential to make the DV47A sound much better??? Might be an incorrect assumption!). TIA

It may not bother you, but the DV45a and the DV47a and the DV47ai all have a decoder that does, in fact, have the chroma bug. It is not something that is in some units and not others. Also, it is not subtle...these players all have a bad case of it.
The MPEG decoders that were used in these units all have the problem. Here's a list of the players that have chroma bug:

As more of an audiophile than videophile, I never thought my DV47a had the chroma bug, basically that was because I really didn't understand exactly what it was or what I was looking for. Once I read this:

and put the Toy Story menus up with my became very clear to me. Of note, is that the chroma bug problem affects other aspects of the video experience.

Once you know what it "bugs" some people. Ignorance of this issue, for me, was "bliss" because once i understood what I was looking at, I started seeing it all the time.......and I then needed to retire the DV47a for video. I picked up a Denon with a decoder that doesn't have the problem.

I still love my Modwright modified DV47a for SACD only.

Harry- Apreciate the info on the bug.I got the Pioneer to use as a player/transport. It's never been hooked to a monitor. I'm surprised Pioneer hasn't issued a recall to
fix the problem.


Because the chroma bug problem is in a number of the mass produced decoders, Pioneer would have to recall virtually every unit they put out for several years. And because most people don't know about the problem or what to look for....most people don't care (even though they should). What surprises that many new units from multiple manufactures are still released with the problem.