Pioneer DV-46 vs Opps 981

For a stand alone sacd/dvd-a player (no interest in video specs), I am considering a Pioneer DV-46 player or Oppo 981 player. Would appreciate the input/suggestions of others with knowledge of the audio performance of these two universal players or even other sacd/dvd-a players new or used in the same price range as Pioneer/Oppo. Thanks.
I own the Pioneer Elite DV-45a, and for the most part the DV-46 seems to be the same unit in an updated and re-styled case. It's crisp, bright, forward and lively sounding, as are all Pioneer units to some degree. I haven't heard the Oppo but from what I've read it's probably more laid back and slightly less detailed.

I just finished reviewing the new Pioneer Elite DV-79AVi for Positive Feedback and if you can make the stretch to $700 (street price -- actual MSRP is around $1000) then do it. It's a fantastic unit that's built like a tank, unlike the DV-46 and Oppo units, and it sounds wonderful.