Pioneer DV-45A - Where's the bass?

I just got a DV-45A for SACD and DVD-Audio. I went into the initial setup menu and set all of my speakers to small with the subwoofer on. The problem that I am having is that the subwoofer level is really low. I had to turn the gain way up on the subwoofer, set the DVD player subwoofer level to +6db (the max) with all of the other speaker levels at -4db, and set the subwoofer level on the receiver to -20db to get the levels to match for the 6-channel input and the regular digital input. I used test signals from the DVD player and from the reciever and from the AVIA Guide to Home Theater disc with a Radio Shack sound level meter to set the levels. Has anyone else found similar problems with this player or am I missing something in the setup or is it just a faulty unit? I assume that by setting the speakers to small, the DV-45A should redirect the bass to the subwoofer output. Am I wrong about this? Any help would be appreciated.
I have this unit and the bass mgmt. only works with the digital out. Look at an Outlaw ICBM - $200 for B-stock on their website. Makes a huge difference with multi-channel SACD & DVDA.
According to the owners manual, the speaker settings only affect the analog outputs, not the digital. The receiver handles the settings for the digital connections.
Sorry if I misinformed you but my reguardless of the owners manual the bass mgmt. on my unit only works with the digital out. Either we both have faulty units (entirely possible) or the manual is faulty. Anyway it is a great unit for the money, the internal dac's sounded alot better than an outboard Theata dac I tried it with on cds, SACD & DVDA are even better in 2-channel and with the outlaw in multi-channel, and the video kills my last player.
The bass management of the DV45A is 'interesting' to say the least. In other words, it doesn't really work. For DD and DTS you'd just use the digital out, but from your question I assume you are trying to use the analog outs.

The short answer is to not set your speakers to small in the Pioneer, set everything to large and do bass managemnt in your prepro.

The long answer is to read this thread: