Pioneer DV-37 vs. Sony DVP-9000ES

I have been waiting for the new Pioneer DV-37 progressive scan DVD player to be released, and noticed that Sony will release the DVP-9000ES soon. I am wondering which DVD player will have the best picture. Pioneer has always edged out Sony in picture quality, if not ergonomics. The new DVP-9000ES has a new 12 bit video DAC, and the Pioneer has a 10 bit. As a soon to be buyer I want the best video quality first, audio second. The SACD capability of the Sony throws a monkey wrench into the decision. It will be very hard to compare the two machines now. Even IF the Pioneer beat the Sony in a direct video comparison, the SACD factor is a big plus if it sounds anywhere near as good as their more expensive SACD players. Any advice or opinions would be most appreciated.
The DV-37's video DAC is still 10 bit but runs at 54 MHZ. Is the Sony at the same speed? SACD is a non issue now in terms of software selection. Just get the DV-37 for video quality and enjoy your movies on a good HD set.
Thanks Humby88, The key word in your post is NOW. We don't have crystal balls to predict the future, but if there is eventually a good selection (if not great) of SACD's it sure would be very nice to have the sound quality of the SACD format as an option as well as CD, and DVD playback. If the Sony proves to have an equal or better picture than the Pioneer the decision is a no brainer. A SACD player for a few hundred bucks more than a "standard" DVD player is amazing. I hope a review comparing the two machines is available sometime soon.
Any one out there seen the new Sony DVD-9000ES yet?
Pioneer will come out with the new DV-AX10 SACD/DVD-Audio DVD player soon. It costs $5500 though. I'd probably get the Sony 9000ES for the money. Beside a very limited SACD or DVD-audio software, I don't see any preamp supporting SACD or DVD-Audio yet. Here are the two links to the 9000ES and the $5.5k Pioneer: In Japanese
Any idea ehen will the DV-AX10 will be available stateside? The Proceed PAV/PDSD is software upgradeable, and will support DVD-Audio, SACD.
Bympnyc and Toan: I also have a subscription to a magazine called "The Perfect Vision". Inside of their latest issue, not even in stores yet, they (Sony) have a DVP-S9000ES on display on their advertisement. And I believe that they're available here in the states right now. Here's the link to the Sony's American site. The link is: "" Hope the info is helpful.
Thanks guys, I bought the DV-37. I was too impatient to wait for the Sony. Well... I don't think I will regret it. The CD aspect alone sounds as good as many mid priced high end cd players I have heard, and the video can't be beat. SACD will have to wait for me now.
Albonilla, yes the Proceed units will could with a software upgrade and some sort of digital connection decode DVD-A or SACD it would not be a full resolution. The dacs in that combination are 20 bit dacs, Burr Brown 1702. That combination would be decoding dvd-a at 20/96 resolution, far short of 24/192 resolution. I would not be surprised though if Proceed does not upgrade these dacs to ones that can decode 24/192 probabely in about 1 year from what my credible sources say.
One caveat in my response - I changed video displays at the same time I "upgraded" from the Pioneer DV-05 to the Sony DVP-9000ES. In comparison - the Sony is grainier and colors are not as realistic. The Sony's controls are quirky and unresponsive sometimes. But, CDs and SACDs sound superb. I have a Theta Gen V D to A processor, and the Sony CD sound definitely gives the Theta a run for its money. SACD is in a league by itself. Anyone have advice in tuning in the Sony DVP9000es and Sony 36XBR400 combo? I've tried Avia test disc...
I truly love my 9000es. Easily replaced the dv37. Detach. cord is also nice. 36XBR400 mates very well. No need to adjust things on the 9000es much. Picture is so film like out of the box. It will replace the Audio Refinement cd complete If the 9000es outperforms it. Tray can be pain if discs not centered. Unplayable cdr's also a minor setback. SACD's will have to be ordered via mail as no local suppliers.
Bezeemya, let us know what you think of CD playback through the Sony.