Pioneer DV 37 Question

Owners of the Pioneer DV 37. I was wondering about the CD performance of this player? I know the video qualities are good on this unit. I'm thinking about using this player for cd play also. Or should I buy a dedicated cd player? Can this player compete w/a Cambridge 500se or the new Music Hall cd players that are within my budget?
I have a Pioneer DV-05 (the previous model) and it makes a pretty good CD player. I've never compared it to the above two. I think it would hold it's own, but I'm sure they all sound a little different. If you're looking for CD only you might want to think about some other players too (like a used Rega Planet), but if DVD is important, Pioneer makes great DVD players and they pass a 24/96 signal. If you desire, you can always upgrade and ad an outboard DAC later. There are plenty of places that offer 30-day trials and return can order all three and compare them yourself.
I have a 38a and stock the CD sound was nothing to write home about. Quite honestly, the sound wasn't that much better than the Pioneer 525, it was replacing and if that was the end of my plans, I would have been rather unhappy. But I had purchased it to have ModWright ( do a complete mod of the unit (full transport and standalone mods, three Bybees and an Audiocom clock upgrade and the sound is now incredible. It's like a whole new player. Unfortunately, I haven't compared it to either of the brands you mention. I don't think you'll find too many players which will best it though.

I also happen to own a Pioneer Elite DV-37 right now. And while I have bought it originally to use it as a DVD Player, I found out later on that the DV-37 has a very good audio section too. It definitely makes my JVC XL-509TN CD Changer sound like shit. It trounces the JVC so bad, I don't hardly even power up the JVC now. I only use it when I am either having company or throwing a party. But now, how does it sound compared to a dedicated CD Player remains to be seen. I am quite sure if I go out and buy something like an Arcam CD72 or a Music Hall and hook it up, I'm sure they're going to kick the DV-37's butt. But for right now, since I am debating whether or not I am going to get either a Pioneer DV-47A (which is another DVD Player, but instead of the 10/54 video processing that the DV-37 has, it has 12/108 video processing, and it has DVD-Audio and SACD playback) or a Marantz 8260 SACD Player (I want a SACD Player...... and the Marantz seems to strike a chord with me right now........ and at just $1,050.00, the price isn't all that bad either). But as long as you aren't expecting "state-of-the-art" CD playback from the DV-37, you should fine. But again, I don't expect ANY DVD Player to be a sonic equivalent of a dedicated CD Player, and sorry to say, that also applies to the Pioneer Elite DV-37.

Well, I compared the Pioneer Elite DV-37 to the Cambridge 500 SE last night playig my cd's WHO'S NEXT, WREACKING BALL by E.M. HARRIS AND SOME BEATLES and the Cambridge sounded much more open and musical. I can get the Cambridge for 350.00. So I need to hear the the Music Hall player. Dedicated cd player is the way to go for audio bliss.
Yea, I'm afraid that I have to report that I got much better sound from a dedicated CD player than my DV-37 also. Originally, I was comparing it to an AH!Tjoeb 99 (with upgraded Seimans tubes) and there was no question that I preferred the Tjoeb. I'd say that the DV-37 was possibly a hair more detailed, and definitely a little better controlled on the bottom end, but it was detail and control to the point of leanness and an almost etched, overly-crisp presentation. As you might have guessed from the fact that I bought a tubed CD player in the first place, the DV-37 sound is really not my bag - it was no contest. Eventually, I replaced the Tjoeb with a Meridian 804.24, which has all the detail and more plus a seemingly boundless, organic smoothness. If the Meridian has any fault, it's that it is arguably too polite and smooth at times at the expense of some pacing, rythm and tempo (PRAT). Not for everyone (nothing is) but it suits me just fine. The DV-37, however, didn't even come to the dance...