Pioneer DV-09 plays DVD's not CD's help

I Purchased a used Pioneer DV-09 via ebay that stated "tested with dvd and cd, plays both cd and dvd"
Not the case. 
It is a thing of hefty copper beauty, i love it.... but.... 
This unit plays dvd's perfectly fine, but as i'm sure yo can imagine, it was not purchased for it's dvd playing capability. This was to be my CD transport. 
I am working with the seller, and can probably return for refund at the cost of shipping unfortunately.
What I would rather do is find a solution. I have searched to the end of the internet I feel on this issue.
Does anyone have any input? I cannot even find a replacement laser for this model (assuming that is the issue). 
I appreciate any input.

Maybe cut my losses and give up my block-o-copper dreams. 

it is a question of how many laser(s) is/are involved?
Is there (1) laser for DVD? Another laser for CD?

Have you consulted Pioneer customer service?
Sorry to ask what may be the obvious, but are you placing the CD in the player label side down? I believe with this transport you need to place the CD in upside down for proper playback.
Yes, excellent point- tubegb

on a few of those pioneer players, the CD is placed upside down for proper playback.
Hi Zimmy709

I've owned the Pioneer DV-09 player and never had an issue playing CDs, SACDs etc. I put them into the player label up like any other player. Are you trying to play a CD-R? I only played regular CDs with it and never had a problem using it as a transport or just as a player.

good luck.
i'd surmise that jed is correct and that you're trying to play cdrs, which aren't compatible with the dv09. try playing a redbook cd and report back.
Thank you all for your input. This unit plays discs the conventional direction (label up) as it does not have the "stable platter" I actually tried a CD-r which i know shouldn't work after store bought cd's didn't play which obviously also did not work. I can get every dvd to play, even very scratched ones. No dice on the cd's though. I don't have any Redbook or SACD's to try. Music DVD's rock, but my collection is 99% conventional store bought CD's. When looking at the service manual for this model, it appears to have only one laser... 
pickup assembly (as pioneer calls it) part number VWY1046.

I did find one here:

I don't know however if this is the problem. 
I'd be more likely to just buy the pickup assembly and try if this was officially my player... what I mean is that luckily the seller is offering fantastic customer service and has offered to refund my purchase price AND shipping plus send me a shipping label to send it back. OR if I so choose, we agree upon a fair price for the unit as is, which I would love if I can come up with a reasonable solution. The kicker... I'm on a time crunch for that decision or I'm just stuck with it as is at the price I bought it for, a bargain believe me, but i'd still rather not have a late 90's badass dvd player. That is of no use to me.  
The Pioneer Elite DV-09 is a wonderful player that does NOT require that CDs be placed upside down. I sold mine years ago and regretted it quite     a bit. However, even a player of this quality can have a laser wear out. I'm facing a similar dilemma with my Sony SCD-777. The CD laser is out and only the SACD laser works. Fortunately, I have an Oppo and a Pioneer Elite BDP09 to handle my CDs until the Sony is fixed. My best advice would be to get a repair quote, and if you find it exceeds $500 then buy an Oppo. You won't regret it!
Thank you for your input. I really love this unit, I hate to give it up but I may have to as the gamble of keeping it to never play a cd is pointless. I would be doing the replacement myself, no issue there. I’ve just been debating to go the Oppo rout myself actually, or do I go media server at this point? The thing is I like the nostalgia and getting up to load the next album... as weird as that may be. After all, this entire obsession does revolve around how we enjoy spending our free time. Life is so fast paced anymore. I enjoy the slow down.

the Elite BDP-09 is very sweet! I would love to own one.

you could always buy a spare 09 and keep the whole machine for parts?
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
You know jafant.... not a bad idea, negotiate this one down to keep and buy a working unit, I have heard of the double airlock door motor and tray motors going out on these (which both work on this unit). might be well worth it for spare parts.

I'm still looking for a fix if anyone knows one. It's crazy to think the service manual and the entire internet have no solution to this... that's the problem with elite (pun intended) electronics.

I would contact Pioneer to see if they have a service center nearby.  They can fix this unit.

It is a great unit.  Built like a tank and a very good transport. hard to beat. Same for the BDP09 unit and the 79AVI.  They make very nice transports.  The BDP09 has a really good analog output section also.

I have a DV09 and I can tell you, I would be hard pressed to sell it.

1) it is gorgeous and 2) it is a very good transport.

You can't beat the wood side panels on the older Pioneer Elite equipment.


Well I hate to say it, but the unit is now giving me error messages and won't even try to play the dvd. Upon power on it just opens up. Insert a disc and it doesn't even try to play, it just ejects. I'm still working with the seller (who is being fantastic I might add, maybe they knew it was going crazy?). If I can keep it for a good percent refunded I may keep it for a parts machine and buy another, otherwise it's getting shipped back. 

Sad day. She sure is pretty. 
Keep us posted Zimmy-