Pioneer CT-F1000 Need Help

I pulled out the old Pioneer CT-F1000 to hook up to my Vintage system and it still looks as good as the day I bought it, but when I press play or any of the buttons nothing happens. It powers up and all lights work so I opened it up and cleaned the inside and checked the belts which seemed to be fine, but still nothing. Any ideas?
Did you have a tape in it?
If I recall it has solenoid switches. They can go bad and it is old. Do any of the soft touch switches work?
Yes, I had a tape in....
None of the soft touch switches work. They lock in place when pressed and then pop back out.
The switches sound like they are very dirty. But this model and the CT-F900 were never very dependable. I used to have a stack of them lying about that were broken. I'm down to one now. There is a guy on eBay that rebuilds them. You may want to try contact cleaner first.
Thanks. I will try that and maybe check into getting it serviced. Thanks Again.
Rwwear is correct. These Pioneer decks were not known for their high reliability. Having said that, did you check and see if the belt is slipping? I don't recall if this model has a direct drive capstan or not.