Pioneer CS-99a Speakers

Thinking about a pair of these to go with a restored Pioneer SX-1250 (as a second system). Anyone have / had them? Thoughts?
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I have had them and loved them. They would have to be pretty old at this point so look at the driver surrounds very close. A nice find for a second system!
The CS-99a has cloth surrounds, so no worry about deteriorating foam there.

I had a pair and sold them. For a 15" driver, their bass is surprisingly weak, most likely due to the too-small box they are in. I did like the craftsmanship very much, however. The drivers are very well-made, and the boxes are heavy and have a very nice veneer. The grills are diffraction nightmares, and should be removed for serious listening.
Well, I bought a pair and I'm having the crossovers recapped by Circle Stereo in Austin (same place that is restoring the 1250). Can't wait to rock the house.