Pioneer Blu Ray Player BDP 05 FD

I was wondering if anyone out there has this player and has tried replacing the stock power cord with some other power cord? I have replaced most of the stock power cords on all of my gear and I am thinking of doing the same with this player. Thanks in advance.
I have the BDP 95FD, which is the Elite model. I sell Purist cable, so that's the cable I've tried on my player.

Honestly, I see no difference in picture quality, even with a very good cable. With Red Book CD, the higher quality cable does make music better on my two channel system.

Since the cable is not permanently attached, I see no reason you could not put a high quality AC cable on your player and enjoy the improvement. If later you sell the Pioneer, keep the cable for another component or sell it separately.

If I were in your spot and considering an AC cable, I would search for used, so later you can resell and get most of your money back. (And no, I don't have any for sale :^).
I made some DIY double shielded 10 gauge power cords which made a substantial difference in powering my NuForce 9SE's class D power amplifiers. I tried one on the 05 FD and didn't notice any improvement.

The transformer in the Comcast/Motorola cable box is the only thing in my HT that's making any noise.
I use the Cardas Twinlink on my Panny BD35, but I'm not sure it makes much difference. However, my guess is your pioneer probably has a larger power supply than the Panny and, therefore, may benefit more from an upgraded cable. In any event, the Cardas is not very costly and comes fitted with the proper connector.
For Digital sources like a cable box or DVD player, I prefer to use a shielded cable like the PS Audio Power Punch that can be ordered with the C7 end for the cable box and the Plus SC or Prelude for the DVD. I use their Plus SC on my CD player as the Plus SC uses their single crystal copper and sounds better.

If anything, it keeps the RFI/EMI away from your other signal and speaker the sound benefits on a good CD player, imo.

I use Kimber PK-10 gold on one amp and PS Audio's Premier on the other.