Pioneer BDP-05FD vs Oppo BDP-83

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has compared these two players? I have owned the Pioneer BDP-05FD for about two years now. I like it a lot. However, I see a lot of rave reviews for the Oppo. It makes me wonder if I might be missing out on something? I am only interested about DVD/Bluray video and audio using HDMI that the Oppo can deliver. I wouldn't be using the analog portion of the Oppo. I don't listen to SACDS or DVDA and I already have a dedicated cd player. I use a Pioneer Elite Plasma screen for my viewing. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
I have a similar setup, HDMI and Blu-ray use 98% of the time, using Pioneer projector instead of plasma and I sold my Oppo-83. Colors/pic was a bit more vibrant with 05FD, even over a 35' HDMI cable, in my setup. Though, disk load time of 05FD really sucks, specially as compared to Oppo.
Thats interesting I was looking to upgrade my Sony , and was going to wait for the newest Oppo , but then I saw the 05FD at half price, just got it , and I love the quality.
One cool thing about the 05FD is that it is Made in Japan , not sure about the Oppo I used to won one pre Blu ray, but for example My Sony Blue ray was made in Malaysia.

Anyway long story short I really like the 05FD
The Oppo BDP-83 is no longer in production, suppplanted by the BDP-93. I have a 93 and it is a very good unit. DVD upscaling is superb and the 93 also can play back music stored on USB and eSATA drives and can access a systems music server. This is one very capable player...

Does anyone have any thoughts on the 7.1 analog section and the 2 channel analog output section of the Pio BDP-05FD vs. the Oppo BDP-83? I have the Oppo BDP-83 and I really like the sound from the 7.1 analog outputs but the sound from the 2 channel analog outputs I'm not a fan of. I know I'm the minority in this about Oppo BDP-83's 2 channel analog output but it is how I feel. Thanks
Jedinite, I haven't done 7.1 analog comparison betwn these 2 players, but 2nd your opinion on BDP-83's 2channel sound. In my 2 channel comparison among Pio BDP-05FD, Pio DV-79AVi (non BD universal player) and Oppo BDP-83, Oppo came #3.
Dont know if this is the case for a fact , but sometimes machines with 7.1 analog outs use better circutry on the 7.1 output and just throw in a 2 channel output.

For example I have a Marantz DVD/SACD player , believe its the 8400. The op amps are far superior on the 2 channel section of the 7.1 output then the dedicated 2 channel out.

If I want to play a 2 channel recording on my Marantz , I still use the 7.1 output. Worth a try.
Disk loading time seems like an eternity but that's my only gripe. I went with an all Elite HT to avoid any compatibility issues and it was simply plug and play. The biggest surprise was the SC-07 receiver.
I found the above posts perplexing, because I thought most of reviews of the BDP 83 found analog audio its weak point, thus the 83-SE. Why wouldn't the posters have compared HDMI audio where the 83 is said to be much more competitive?

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