Pioneer A71 why can't i find any info gentelmen..

I have this Pioneer A71 not just "Elite" or "Reference" but.. close as i can get is the Reference 91d it seems this may have come from over seas..over the years ive seen only one and heard of two.Please any information would be great. My Best. Randy
Did you call or shoot Pioneer a email ? What exactly is it, Integrated amp ?
I am glad you are keeping the secret.
Since you do not ever TELL US what sort of thing it is!
Just a "Pioneer A71"
I see....
Since it was originally made to iron sailor's pants at sea, I think it is best you keep it in the bathtub... submurged in seawater.
(am I being just too vicious?? this early in the morning? 7:30 AMish)
Hello im sorry this is an integrated amp,i have looked at Pioneer silver..Pioneer Elite ..these sites have nothing on this model.Beautiful build two seven inch cast tranformers and two soup can sized power supply caps Accuphase like build. Thanks Folks.