Pioneer 47Ai / Audio Refinement Pre2 DSP help

I just had Stan Warren modify my Pioneer 47 Ai universal player and I also purchased an Audio Refinement Pre2 DSP preamp processor. As I was reading through the Pioneer manual there is mention of the AV receiver needing to be compatible with high sampling rates (96 kHZ). I checked the manual for the Audio refinement pre and there is no mention either way if it is compatible or not. I am REALLY hoping it is and that I did not make a mistake buying this pre. I bought it specifically because it has the 6 analog inputs for DVD audio and SACDs - I really appreciate any answers you can help me with.
It will not matter what the processor's sampling rate is if you use the analog inputs from the Pioneer's 6-channel output. The processor will not convert any digital signal in this scenario. You really only need a pre-amp not a processor/pre-amp. McCormack makes a 6-channel pre that might be perfect for your set-up.
If you're sending the analog output from the Pioneer to
the AR there's no issue. If you're connecting the digital
output from the Pioneer to a digital input on the preamp
it needs the 96k capability, but I believe the Pioneer can
also be set to output a 48k digital signal, like most DVD players.
The Audio Refinement Pre 5 is a killer two channel preamp that also has a 5.1 channel in/out. No surround processing in the preamp, it's totally analog, but great sound at a bargain price. The Pre 2 is designed for folks who want to do digital surround sound (ie DD/DTS).

If you have any questions about the Pre-2 (which can probably handle a 96khz signal in the digital domain) I would call or email Audio Plus services (distributors of AR gear in the US). I just contacted them about my AR amp and they were immensely helpful.
Jfacker is right. You could have gotten away with the Pre 5 and saved yourself some $$$ over the Pre 2 if you are using the analog outs from the Pioneer. The Pre 5 is a great ever-so-slightly warmer than neutral pre with no processors and no video switching to get in the way of the audio signal. The Pre 2 will work just fine for what you need though...and with the addition of an optical cable, you will be able to choose between the two processors to see which you prefer (for DVD-V will still have to use the Pioneer processor for SACD and DVD-A). Hope that helps.
What a great bunch of people you are for taking the time to help me - my sincere thanks and appreciation for your help. At least I now know I do not have to buy a new pre !! I will use the analog ins on the pre for the DVD A and SACD stuff and that should do the trick !! Thanks again