Pioneer 47A DVD-SACD-DVDAudio

Looking for input on this for Picture (Interlaced and progresive) And Sound Quality for DVD video,SACD and DVDaudio. Any info would be helpful. Any know reviews too! But I now it's new. Thanks Garcom
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You might check the Hi-rez board over at AA. It has been discussed over there.
It's been reviewed in every UK Hi-fi mag this month.
To summarise I would say that the machine is probably rated a tad higher than normal because it is the first mainstream multi-format machine-that came across quite clear in the reviews and they were honest about it.
A rough summary by format-for the price according to all three of our hi-fi monthlies.
DVD-excellent picture quality apparently
DVD-A-very good but maybe nothing groundbreaking
SACD-again good but not as good as dedicated machines
CD-a bit disappointing apparently.
It retails at £1k here in the UK.
They did mention lack of software.......