Pioneer 440 or 444 DVD

I've decided to buy a Pioneer DVD player and have it modified. I'm not sure if I should get a progressive scan player(444). My TV is a Sony XBR 200 which will not accept pscan. I will have this TV for at least 5 more years. I'm more apt to get a HDTV boxtop in a year or two and want to know if the boxtops would allow me to input a pscan signal?
If you are going to keep the TV for 5 more years do not wory about it.

If you must, the pioneer 444dvd has a very poor progressive scan chip. A good $250-$300 Progressive scan player is the Panansonic RP56 or the Sony NP700.

If you are going to keep your Sony XBR for about another five years or so (which is about the same amount of time I am planning to keep my 27-Inch Panasonic "SuperFlat"), then I wouldn't worry too much about getting a progressive scan player, unless that is what you want from the outset. If you still would like to get a progressive scan player anyway, then I concur with "Jaica" above in reference to the two progressive scan players "Jaica" is talking about. But I would also look at a Toshiba SD-3750. You should be able to get one for around $200.00 or so. I don't care that much for the low-end Pioneer progressive scan player at all. If you should ever opt for a Pioneer progressive scan player, then the only models that are worth looking at are the Elite models. Otherwise, for your set, a good interlaced player should be all that you need.

I bought a Pioneer DV-440 and found it to be a poor performer. I wanted to like it because of its low price and slim design. However, I found the video quality the worst of the 5 DVD players I've owned and sonically, it wasn't much better. I promptly returned it.

For $220 or less, I would get the Toshiba SD-4700 or 3750. The Panasonic RP56 also looks like a winner.

For lower end, I think I would actually consider buying whatever Consumer Reports likes.

Just my $.02 worth.