Pioneer 1018 vs. Onkyo 606

A friend of mine is contemplating between these two. Any thoughts on significant advantages/disadvantages either in terms of sonics, video, or features on offer? He's got a 1080p LCD, and the things that are important to him are ease of use/setup, reliability, picture quality, and sound. He'll be driving an Energy Take Classic system. Also, any thoughts on Audyssey vs. Pioneer's version? Thanks for any help.
Hi Soix:

I haven't owned an HT receiver for a few years, but when I did I liked the Onkyo best (over Denon and HK). If I were to buy today and my budget were in the $700 or so range, I would go with the Onkyo 806. There was a particularly compelling review in Sensible Sound about how the 806 was optimized for audio playback.

Attached are the 806's specifications .

The 806 is also manufactured in Japan.