Pinnacle BDC 1200

Has anyone out there heard these speakers? If you have what do you think.

Don't want to burst any bubbles but these are one of those speaker lines that looks beautiful but has very little in the way of quality. They are available to anyone who can sign on with an accesories distributor. The retail price is inflated far past that of quality speakers. Companies like these are what makes many audiophiles think it is their right to talk down the retail prices by 40 or 50%. Quality speaker companies simply don't have the same mark-up to retail. If you are looking at these speakers in a store that sells lots of other non-dealer products (JVC, Athena, Kenwood, Cerwin-Vega, Advent, jensen, BIC, MTX, Dual, ADS, Audio Source, etc) you may want to consider running away very fast.

For big bang for the buck go with NHT ST4's or Kef Q5's in that price range. Either of these is less expensive and about ten times better.

Good luck!
Thanks Big. I actually say them here on Audiogon. They look great, but I was concerned about the sound. Well I bought the pair here on Audiogon to see how they sound. If I hate it I will just sell it. Because I don't have a dedicated listening room my speakers have to pass the wife test.
The only other speaker she likes so far are the Paradigm Signature series. The new
baby squashed that for now, so I'm settling for now. Will let you know what I think
of them.
Hope they work for you. WAF is more important than perfect sound any day.

Good luck!
Well the Pinnacles are here. The build quality is ok. I would say they are worth every penny I paid for them $500,they retail somewhere between $900 and $1100. I would say in that range there are speakers better, but not much. The binding post are 5 way medium duty, I's used better, that cabinet
is not that solid, but not too flimsy either.

At first things were a bit grainy, and the base was thin. I figure since my equipment was off for
quite some time, I wold give it some time to settle in. after leaving it playing for a few hours
the base and treble improved quite obit. I have not really sat and listened that much as yet, and final placement has not yet been determined.
So far the sound is encouraging, I'll have some fun with these for a little while.

I will post some follow comments later.
They sound great!! The only short coming is in the base area. I played all the recordings that I usually audition speakers with and these speaker performed extremely well.
Due to the size of the drivers, some piano notes, and instruments didn't have all the weight as speakers with larger drivers, but that is to be expected. Other than that the midrange, and treble were excellent! The imaging was excellent!. Speakers I've heard that are better than these are in the 2K and up range. I still have to replace
my amp I'm currently using an old Rotel RB-980, I think I'll get some
improvement from that change. Overall great speakers.
FYI- You should check out the review by one of the well-respected magazines. It was very favorable.

If you ask pinnacle, they would say their platinum line is better SQ and their previous classic gold seriers was better.
Thanks Japosey. I look for a review before I purchased them, and found none. Can you point me to a link?
If you can find used classic golds, jump on them. Very good sound and designed for 2 channel with weighty bass response and Vifa tweeters, the ones used by Hales. Glad you like yours, with a subwoofer I'm sure they really shine.
OK. Fredgarvin. I was thinking that some cable changes might be in order. I was also thinking about PS Audio xStream Statement Biwire cables. I'm also leaning toward The Prima Luna Tube power amp, the preamp is excellent.