pink triangle pttoo

The uk company that took over manufacture seems to have gone out of business last year. Does anybody know where to source spares from??


Hi Guys,

After 3 days of trawling the net looking for contact details for pink triangle who went into voluntary liquidation in august 2003. I finally tracked down an ex pink triangle engineer now working for Doug Brady hifi in Warrington in the north of England. The chaps name is Andrew, and he was extremely helpful with advice on the pink triangle range. basically if the external black box goes, it can't be repaired as the person who was in charge of repairing them is living in France and not contactable. The motor inside the actual turntable is easily sourcable as it is the same unit used in decks such as the LINN's. Doug Brady's do have some pink triangle spares and if Andrew was anything to judge by, they are more than helpful and knowledgable. Sorry forgot to add a phone number 0044 1925828009

Hope this helps another desperate soul.


I just spoke to the original Pink Triangle designer. His telephone number is:0044 20 8697 2705.

He is setting up a new company to provide some pretty nifty upgrades for existing Pink Triangle model owners as well as some new turntable models.

He mentioned that he had some new ideas that would turn the TT market on its head or at least turn heads, so... watch this space.

Regards to all

Arthur Khoubesserian is now actively upgrading PTToo's if anybody is interested they can email me and I will pass on his email address. he sounds pretty confident about the improvements his upgrades will make, so I am busy saving my pennies!
Actually, Khoubesserian's enterprise has its own web site with details of upgrades, spares, new models posted on it.