Pink Triangle Numeral Cd Player won't open tray?

Hi all,
I have just aquired a rare Pink Triangle Numeral CD player, it powers up fine but when i press open nothing happens, no sound from any motors inside just nothing happens.I tried the open button on remote but still nothing happens.
What could be causing this? faulty/shorted capacitors? i tested the motor that opens the drawer by removing it and it works fine so it's as if no power is going to the motor?
I have looked for physical damage to capacitors/components etc but all appears to be fine.
Any help or advice would be great as I can't afford to send it to the repair shop and pay a fortune.
Cheers :)
Switches are on the tray assembly which tell it it is closed or fully open. Probably one of them is an open fault. So even though the switch looks OK, no electric power flows.
I would fiddle with the microswitches