Pink Triangle calibrating the speed

Greeting's Friends,
Having a pink triangle mkII trantella, turntable can sometimes be frustrating. I have had it in the shop a couple of times, running much to fast RPM'S. From what i've learned you can calibrate the speed with the power source The Hornet, my question is can I do it my self using a strobe? or just take it back again to my tech $40 and 6 months down the road it goes out of sync, again!! If anyone out there is familiar with this turntable and can help I would be so grateful. Also what about adding a speed control device like a VPI SDS, let me know.
I'm not sure if there are any speed trim pots available on the Hornet motor controller. If there are not, then you may be faced with trying to get into it and installing them yourself.

You could then use a printed 60hz strobe pattern on a piece of paper placed on the platter like a record, to set speed using trim pots.

There have been reports of Tarantellas having some speed problems in the past.
Who Figured!!!! this thread would haunt me years later when it would come time to sell??? "Well it Has" and I am letting you know that the speed issue has been corrected with a new belt!! yes all this time thought it was electrical, never considering the belt which my technician in town was clever enough to find. Thanks Jeff precision audio