Pink Triangle Anniversary vs Raven One

Hi everybody!
Has anyone had the (unlikely...) occasion to compare those two turntables? I use an SME V with an Ortofon Windfeld. Would it be an upgrade, or just a change, side-effect of the upgrade bug?
no jump up, but the pt is cool as hell.

I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by "no jump up". Do you mean that the Raven is not a jump up improvement over the Pink Triangle or do you no, it wouldn't be a sideways move and he should jump up to the Raven?

Thank you for clarifying this for me.
I've not heard a raven yet, but the pink triangle was/is the beesknees...not sure why arthur won't make an all-out attempt...
I've got an LP12/Naim ARO analog rig that was modified by Pink Triangle with a new top plate, switching the motor to dc and moving it to the 7:30 position as well as utilizing a DC Battery power supply. It is an awesome combination. Over on the Naim Forum there has been alot of recent talk about the Raven One and Aro tonearm that sounds very promising as well. It would be fun to compare.
comparable in performance...the vintage pt is cool however