Pink Floyd Wish you were here

6 months ago I thought the Japanese pressing of "Wish You were here" was the best, because it killed the CBC half speed that I had.

I was selling one on eBay and I stated in my ad the Japanese press was the best in the world. I was corrected by someone on eBay that said the UK press was the best. Then from discussions with other here on Agon they also mirrored the comments that the UK press was best.
So of course I got me a UK press and after much listening the UK was better, but not by as much as I was led to belive. For me it was better, but I really had to listen hard.

I saw a Minty Holland press come up for auction.
I have had really good experiences with Holland pressings so I picked it up for around 15 bucks.
Man!! now we are talking a difference this is really better. So if you are looking to score a great pressing of this lp get the Holland press.

Secondly about Holland pressings
I love those Andreas Vollenweider LP's and have had the Canadian record club pressings for about 15 years.
6 months ago I got some minty US pressings still in shrink. I figured I had played mine hundreds of times so I should get some fresh copys. Man did they suck. Those old Canadian record club pressing were much better, and still after so many playings, still sounded like new to me.

I saw about 2 months ago a Japanese copy of
"Down to The Moon" one of my favorites,and also noticed a few days later a dude in the UK was selling three Vollenweider Holland presses so I got those too.

When I received them and all compared, the Holland pressings were the best by far. For me I know when one press is better that the next. when I only have to listen for about 10 seconds and I say "wow".
Check out this item# on Ebay:257218272 the auction ended on Nov.17 so it should still be available.
One of my FAVORITE cd's...I sure wish I could hear it on a good vinyl setup...all I can do now is wait and hope it is released on SACD.

p.s. Where do all you guys find the import pressings...or in my's/sacd' there a particular website?


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I am unhappy with my copy of wywh. It's a new copy from a small local record store,and it has quite a lot of noise on it. I cleaned it and rinsed it. Still noise. I also bought a copy of animals that seems to be noisy. My TT is quite new and I wonder if the VTA needs adjustment.