Pink Floyd The Wall--Which vinyl?

I have the opportunity to purchase early 80's Japanese vinyl in NM vinyl and Ex cover for about $40. I see that there is a new Capitol remaster for about $44. The new remaster has mixed reviews at Acoustic Sounds but some say it is better than the 80's Japanese and CBS (I think half speed).

Has anyone compared the two? I guess I could by both to compare and maybe sell the loser but I would rather not.
IMHO, the CBS/Sony Japan Pro Use, is the best copy of this title that I have heard. I know it fetches big bucks, although that doesn't really mean it's the best, but I think so.
You can buy an orig us pressing for 1/4 that...and decide if its good enough....I certainty can...although I do have multiple digital short....hard to.find a bad v of this classic...
The original sounds great if you can find a nice clean one. It's hard to imagine a reissue sounding better. If it's a favorite title of yours though why not try both?
So far to my ears the original UK pressing sounds the best.
I'm still biased towards the original US vinyl release copy from 1978 in that it was one of the finest pop/rock recordings of its time though admittedly I have not heard many other vinyl versions. The original US CD master I have is not bad but a good example of why many people prefer vinyl over CD.
I'll second the CBS/SONY Pro Use- Outstanding pressing!!
I have a Japanese Pressing that I bought @ A CES show in the mid 90's. It was purchased from Audiophile International, a record dealer from from CA. Serial # is 40AP1750-1. It is the CBS/Sony. I paid $200 for it, and although it may be expensive, it is awesome. If this is the pressing you have dibs on for $40, do the following: Give the seller the $40, and a big hug. It is an awesome pressing.
I would be shocked if the reissue could hold a candle to this, or for that matter, a clean US original.
Nothing surpasses the original UK and US pressings.

Shop around a bit; it's worth the effort.
Thanks for the responses. Some good information to follow up on.

Sonofjim, I am inherently lazy but I will probably do as you suggest and listen to a few versions to see what I like best including the new remaster (which I think is based on a high rez digital master). Reading the above I see that there are different takes on what is best so I probably need to listen for myself. I just hate to take a hit on the new remaster if I don't like it. I guess I could always drop $300 on a super hot stamper. Wow, at that rate my record collection would cost more than most of American's homes!

I remember as a kid in middle school listening to this record over and over. I also remember how good it sounded to me even on my cheap rig. I have a remastered CD, 20th anniversary I think, which sounds very good but it I think it lacks some of the warmth that I expect to get from a vinyl version.
I have three copies of the album, including the reissue, and I agree that it's hard to find a bad sounding pressing of The Wall. The reissue sounds quite good, and I think it's well worth the sticker price, but I do prefer the original pressings. One quibble I have about the reissue is that it was mastered at a lower volume that the original, but otherwise it's superb. It was a welcome change in that it was dead quiet as many used copies are very noisy due to wear-and-tear, but still manage to sound glorious. If the used copy you're looking at is indeed NM I'd say go for it over the reissue.
Hot stampers.

I would lean toward the Japanese, or either of the two Audiofeil mentioned over the reissue. BTW-spending $200 for vinyl is not common practice for me. I've bought many great sounding records for less than $10.00. I paid around $10.00 for the majority of my records, and have many gems in that price range. Do I regret paying $200.00 for my Japanese: The Wall? Not at all, that's why I said go for it at $40.00.
Never heard the Japanese "Wall" but the Pro Series DSOTM is killer. As is the Pro Series Abbey Road.

The Wall is without question a sonic marvel and probably Roger Waters most complex is a deeply depressing piece...however...about every 6mos or so.I listen in its full entirety...I love the ambition, scale, and production...they simply don't make em like this anymore...