Pink Floyd - The Wall Sony 2000

Not really looking to compare, but just want to know if the recording quality of the Sony 2000 copy of The Wall will sound good on my system ........ or will I be disappointed? Thanks much
the recording quality's the same on all the cd's and lp's produced from the same master source. differences are in post-production, mastering, etc. since no one here's aware of your "control" or what your system comprises, your query is not suseptible of a reasoned response.
Whats the Sony 2000? I have a vinyl copy I got for a quarter that sounds pretty impressive.I would think most any CD or LP sounds quite good as Pink Floyd's original masters are quite good.I wouldnt waste a bunch of money on a Sony 2000 unless you have a system that can pull out of it what ever is suppose to make it better than the rest of the releases aready out there.
It's just the double CD-set that you can buy in any store now and was released in 2000 by Sony (I think). I'm just wondering how it sounds since it was recorded about 20 years ago. How will it compare to descent sounding recently recorded CD's in general ..... will it be missing some of the top end ..... or will there be hiss in the background?
Is that copy of the The Wall on Sony 2000 a SuperBit mapping remaster? I have a number of the Sony SuperBit remasters and for standard CD they are among the best sonically I have. Good Luck!
The entire Pink Floyd catalog was remastered by Doug Sax in 1994. The sound quality is tremendous. IMHO much better than any of the Mobile Fidelity remasters.
Bjack, I agree the DS remasters are outstanding. I have Meddle and DSOM on MoFi and the 1994 remasters. The MoFi disks are muddy. The 94's are clear, clean and have twice the detail. A big plus for me was the remastering of Pink Floyds Obscured by Clouds. Heck I am going to warm up the Lava Lamp now!!
This one (The Wall) is "dated" 2000 and has a picture of the four "masks" on the cover. I noticed there is another one out there "dated" 1994 and has a white brick wall on the cover. Is the one with the Masks alright as a clean sounding, detailed CD? (By dated, I mean the small print that shows who, when, etc. Thanks
Its okay if you are a floyd die hard. I bought the CD and the sonics are very good for a live recording. It is better than the Pulse CD for example which is a much more recent recording. It has good soundstage width and depth, though I find the sound to be quite mid-bass heavy and a little boomy in places. If i'm in one of those 'wall' moods, like after too much Gin, I would sooner listen to the original.
Incidentally, I have a reasonable hifi rig and the best non-vinyl floyd sound that i've heard is Pulse on stereo VHS. It is incredible, non-fatiguing, with excellent imaging and soundstage ability.

Anyway, there i go again......