Pink Floyd - signed The Wall

Few years ago i bought The Wall signed album.
On one side there is 3 signatures by:
- David Gilmour
- Roger Waters
- Gerald Scarfe (sleeve design/animation)

On the back there is one more signature - but don't know whose?
Any idea from audiophiles here?
link to images of the album:

Also, i was thinking about selling it.... or should i keep it? No idea about LP quality, dont have analog player in my system...

Thanks a lot
I couldn't find the pictures you linked to. You should do some research on the pressing. That could increase the value if it's a first pressing or some kind of special pressing.

If it's not a valuable pressing then the signatures will determine the value and signatures are not as valuable as many people think. Celebrities sign a lot of autographs these days so they are pretty common.

So I can't really help you out. I would suggest that you find a Pink Floyd discussion site somewhere like AudoCircle or Steve Hoffman and try to get some help there. You can always put it up for auction here or on eBay with a reserve of the minimum you would sell it for and see what happens.
Hi, thanks for comments.

link to images:
hope it works this time...
I checked out your pictures then googled "David Gilmour's signature" (I'd paste it here but the url is massive). To my untrained eye your signatures look authentic, but that's not going to raise the value of your album.

Most of the webpage is pictures of David's Signature Stratocaster but there are quite a few pictures of
David's and Roger's signatures as well.

I would post a question in the Analog forum about how to determine if the pressing is a valuable one.
Googling "David Gilmour's autograph" and "Roger Waters' autograph" finds even more examples.