Pink Floyd's "Echoes"

Hi everyone. Not being a big Floyd fan, but enjoying their music occasionally, I wondered how the sound quality of the new "ECHOES " compilation compares to the MoFi audiophile CD's or previous remasterings.
Better than MOFI. Better than any remastered aluminum Pink Floyd that I have heard. Awesome remaster job. Recommended.
Thanks Troy, that's very good news!
Echoes is superb in the detail-accuracy and soundstage. But MoFi DSOM , Wall & Meddle is still smoother top end and more natural sounding-especially vocals.
Has anyone heard the "Echoes" set on vinyl?
Love to hear it on vinyl!!
It's a strange release this one in terms of the track listing,covering all 3 phase's of Floyd from Barrett to post-Waters,since I'm not much of a fan past '81 I was going to give it a miss however the remastering(yet again!) angle will probably drive me to buy it now.
The very idea of a best of Floyd seems odd and another blatant record company/band ploy to milk the cash cow that is Floyd.
Does it work as a record in it's own right or does it just sound like a lot of disjointed snapshots ?
Check out this link to a seventeen minute promo for the album. It is a fairly amazing job.

Let me know if the link works.
Thanks for the link. It works and it is a great piece on one of the all-time greatest bands. The CD is quite good. Eventhough I am not a early Floyd devotee, it is nice to have some of that era included. The one gripe I have is the closing of the CD. It would have be much nicer to have "High Hopes" as the ending instead of "Bike". Definitely a must buy.
I liked the set too, although I also question some of the tracks & their placement (seems like chronological order would make more sense - like "Beatles 1"). Worthwhile adding to your Floyd collection.
I love this album. Great CD.!! buy it!
Excellent CD, especially disk 1 for my tastes...reminds me of the "good old days " !!

Thank goodness the limited there very early music like bike to 3 or so tracks.. I really hate the early British pop and the cutesy rhyming lyrics...really does not fit as a Pink Floyd standard !

hell of a compilation the the PF fan !
Thanks everyone, I'll head on over to Tower Records this week to pick up a copy. I'll post impresssions after listening for a while.
I think this compilation works far better than you'd expect considering the track sequence throws very different era's of Floyd together rather than the safe method of earliest recordings first .
It sounds great too(probably the best versions yet) and sequencened and edited very well.
Quite cleary finishing on a Barrett song is to take the journey full circle,a very Floydian approach.
It's a very good reflection of their total output although if you wanted to be a purist you could say the edits on Echoes and especially the joined but edited Shine On You Crazy Diamond don't work as well as the originals.
For me too it reflects quite clearly where it went wrong on the lesser quality Waters meglomania tracks and the Gilmour "decent forgery" attempts when Roger Waters left.
Worth getting even if like me you had most of it anyway.
Does beg the question when will the back catalogue be remastered to this standard?
Thanks to all. The albums are superb. Whoa! the sound is big, smooth AND slammin', three dimensional, perfectly detailed yet balanced, vocals have very little, if any digital edge. Quite an achievent IMO. Definetely the best I've heard yet, although I'm no expert on Floyd releases. It should be considered a reference for any future remasterings. I'm with you Ben, hope they remaster their best albums to this standard. Gotta get back to the living room and "Shine On".
Thanks for the info. I have not heard this one but I will have to get it. Like Ben I really like the old stuff the best. I pulled out my ancient copy of "Ummagumma" on Halloween as I do every year (perfect for the occasion). There are some great cuts (the sound effect tracks are cool too) on this overlooked album. Just like Zappa, the old stuff is the good stuff.