Pink Floyd"TDSOTM" SACD:2 ch SACD playback?

I was wondering if Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" hybrid SACD has a 2 channel SACD playback.The back cover mentions only 5,1 surround mix.I appreciate if you can submit some info on this.If it doesn't,are there any import alternatives with a 2 ch SACD sound?
It has both 2 channel and 5.1 in DSD (SACD) and a CD layer as well.

The CD layer has been "soft-limited" or clipped in the mastering studio to sound like other typical "hot" CD's (another harsh sounding victim of the CD "loudness wars")

The SACD is good. Guthrie did a great re-mix job there.
The SACD layer contains both.

maybe I'm dumb, but I recently purchased this SACD and play it in 2 ch exclusively. I sounds great. I think the statement on the back refering to the 5.1 mix is a disclaimer so noone sues them because they can't hear 5.1 from their 2 channel boom box.

btw - I highly recommend it!
All SACD's can play in 2 channel, infact I bet its the way most are played....your player may need set-up to know it will only output tp 2 channels, large speakers, no sub and so-on.
If you can find it, buy the Japanese SACD disc.
Capitol TOGP-15001

I own 5 digital versions of DSOTM and this is the best.
Good luck
I sa MusicDirect carries the Japanese SACD for something close to $40.I'll order it from them.Thanks.
I found this review and an interview with the guys behind the consol on the historic "DarkSide" recordings (both original and the latest SACD). The first article confirms the two channel DSD layer on the SACD and goes on to say "This [SACD] release is nothing less than a milestone for the format"


Interview with Sound Engineers